Purinton Road Advisory

Dear Athletes –

I learned today that a stretch of Purinton Rd on the bike course went under construction just this week. This is an approximately 1/2 mile stretch that is currently hard-pack (which is fine) but with some loose gravel as well. For those of you who participated in Hudson Crossing two years ago the road surface is similar to how Austin Rd was then while under construction, which was primarily stone dust — compact, but a little bumpy. While we had advance notice back then and were able to give you more lead time, this situation with Purinton Road just came on our radar today, so it will be a little bumpier than usual. Please see the attached photos and map of affected area. Our volunteer coordinator is aware of this section of the road and will be advising our marshals stationed there to provide advance notice as you come through. If you have any concerns, please reach out to me directly at 917 371-1108 or events@greenleafracing.com.

Chris Bowcutt

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