Below are the confirmed distances and maps.

  • Swim (500 yd) (PDF) - Swim in the canal - nice, clean water. Start in the water parallel to the top end of the floating dock. Swim up the canal around a pyramid buoy and back south, using another pyramid buoy near the exit for sighting. You'll exit at an opening on the embankment into transition.  The swim will be an in-water start. We'll have 5 swim waves with 3 minutes in between waves.
  • Bike (12 miles) (PDF) - Run your bike to the end of the utility road and mount when you get to the main road. Head north up 32/4. Steep climb up Bacon Hill before turning right on W. River Rd. Several miles of fast road and slightly rolling hills. Left on Austin Rd. Left on Purington Rd. Left on Stonebridge Rd. Left back onto 32/4 heading south. Fast descent down Bacon Hill and then a straightaway back to transition. Dismount before the utility road and run your bike in.
  • Run (5k) (PDF) - Flat and fast. Mix of roads (40%) and trail (60%). Exit transition and head towards the main park entrance/exit. Left on 32/4 South. Left on Ranger Road. Right on Hessian Dr. Right on Spring St. Left on Beagle Ln (looks like an alleyway), continue on Beagle Ln across Saratoga St, turn left around big blue building with a white roof back onto Canal St, turn right back on Saratoga St. going over the canal bridge, then left onto Towpath. Follow towpath all the way back into the park. Take a right as you enter the park. Travel 150 yards and take a right down a new asphalt path which will then cut to the left onto a stone-dust trail. Follow this trail all the way around the park. A couple of left turns and head into the finish chute.
  • Transition Area (click for larger view)