2013 Shirt Design Contest

Congratulations to Larry A. for being the winner in our t-shirt design contest. 

Again, thank you everyone for participating and for your wonderful submissions.

Contest is closed. Thank you everyone for the wonderful designs! We will be reviewing the submissions and then announce our winner next week (week of 4/22). The winner will be contacted by e-mail prior to our announcement here.

We’re currently seeking t-shirt design submissions for the 2013 Hudson Crossing Triathlon. The winning designer will earn:

  • $250 cash prize
  • Event goodie bag that includes a shirt with your winning design
  • Event water bottle

We ask that designs capture the spirit and history of the venue and the race itself.  Shirts should have the race name “Hudson Crossing Triathlon” and the year “2013” incorporated somewhere. We’d  like a design element for both the front and the back (there won’t be any sponsor logos on the back).  Outside of those parameters, feel free to go wild. Shirt color will be something other than white so feel free to pick one that works with your design. Here is last year’s winning design as well as artwork related to the park for your reference (these elements don’t need to be included):


Possible color palettes:

Please submit your design by April 15, 2013 to events@greenleafracing.com with “Hudson Crossing T-Shirt Design” in the subject heading.

The winning design becomes the property of Hudson Crossing Triathlon/Green Leaf Racing, LLC and may be used on other event-related merchandise, posters etc.

We reserve the right to not select a winning design if we feel the entries do not meet what we’re looking for. On the other hand we may choose multiple winners if they do!

Check back to this page for updates.

Thank you!