Pre-Swim Advisory

On race day, please do not enter the water to practice or warm up until advised, starting at around 7:00 a.m. There may be event-related boat traffic maneuvering into position so stay near the swim start when you warm up.
The Hudson Crossing Triathlon swim course uses a body of water that is open to boat traffic prior to race day. We wish to caution all participants that we do not provide lifeguard services prior to the event, and that all participants who swim prior to race day will do so at their own risk. While we make reasonable efforts to inspect the swim entry and exit points for underwater hazards, the inspection does not take place until just before the swim discipline starts. Participants are further requested to exercise caution and use common sense if they elect to swim prior to the event and to be mindful of underwater hazards. Keep in mind that this is a natural body of water and is subject to hidden hazards.